Lidz are Germ Guards, Helping You #StaySafe!

Get the protection you need from airborne viral pathogens, bacteria & germs. Lidz also keeps out pests (ants, bees, gnats, flies and insects of any kind), & harmful chemicals & pollutants from disinfectants.

Use Lidz on your Coffee Cups & Beverage Glasses at Home, Work & Wherever People gather. These Personal Protection Supplies are super flexible & can easily be taken with you when dining out.

Lidz is made with food-grade silicone and INSTANTLY forms an absolutely Airtight Silicone Seal. Guard against contamination and #STAYSAFE with Lidz Silicone Germ Guards.


Choose Your Lid

Jeweled Singles

Gem shaped faceted acrylic pull handle on Round Silicone Cup Lid. 4.25" inch diameter.


Jeweled Duos

Soft Whisper White is paired with your choice of a Vibrant Color. Use Lidz at Home, at Work, Patios & Picnics.


Party Paks

Use Lidz at group gatherings to track drinks.  One of each color shown.  FREE SHIPPING!


Butterfly Lidz

Peaceful butterfly serenely perched atop a matching colorful Leaf Shaped Silicone Lid measuring 4.75" by 4.125".


Football Lidz

Step up your defensive maneuvers with Lidz. Choose your team colors and #StopGerms.  Lid Diameter is 4.25" to fit most coffee mugs & beverage glasses. Patent Pending.


Soccer Lidz

Exclusively from Lidz, our Kickin' Soccer Cup Lidz!  Choose from 10 Team Colors & Kick Covid to the Curb! Diameter of lid is 4.25" to fit most coffee cups & beverage glasses.


Packaging Protocol

Lidz employs the highest quality standards in the industry. Be assured that in fulfilling your order, your product arrives sanitized, pre-assembled, vacuum packed and sealed for your safety.


Environmentally Clean

Food Grade Silicone will not leach or emit gasses or hazardous chemicals, even when subjected to temperatures ranging from a freezing negative 70 degrees up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit – unlike plastics, which may break down and melt, thereby releasing chemicals into food when subjected to these environments.

Kind To Skin, Allergen Free

Lidz are manufactured with pure Food Grade Silicone. This material is lightweight, yet flexible and durable. The super soft, luxurious feel is kind to skin. Silicone is produced from pure silicon dioxide element Si02 which is one of the most abundant resources on the planet.

Put A Lid On It!